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The Struggles


Image of The Struggles

"The Struggles" is a split comic zine written by Lydia Athanasopoulou and Lefteris Yakoumakis. It's a collection of semi-autobiographical comic strips about the struggles of life, full of rage, despair, love, disappointment, sex, drugs and punk. It follows the everyday life of two characters loosely based on the two writers. Lydia's stories start on one side and Lefteris' on the flip. The characters meet in the middle and fall in love. One zine, 2 covers, 4 colours, 16 stories.

Script: Lydia Athanasopoulou & Lefteris Yakoumakis
Drawing: Lefteris Yakoumakis
Lettering: Lydia Athanasopoulou & Lefteris Yakoumakis
Publication: March 2019, Lonely Death House Productions
Pages: 20 (21 x 29,7 cm)